Zagrebpetrol Ekosystem technology for gathering, storage and treatment of dangerous waste

  • A special vacuum device and equipment for cleaning
    storage tanks, repair of the same with organised measurements
  • Vacuum devices thoroughly clean various purpose containers
    in the oil and chemical industry, fuel stations,
    storages, transport vehicles
  • Emergency interventions in traffic problems and eco incidents
  • Cleaning of the separators, oily canals
  • The transport of liquid and molasses materials with specially
    fitted out ADR vehicles
  • Salvaging of surfaces polluted with hydrocarbons


"From industrially contaminated to clean water"

Gathering, storage and treatment of contaminated waters, oily deposits, separator contents, muddy pools and ship ballast.

We treat sludge, oily waters with a special mechanical separator, system SACK, which separates the molasses hydrocarbons, hard substances and incrustations. The water processed with the mechanical separator is treated via high-spin centrifugal separator and in that manner, the remaining hydrocarbons and small admixtures are removed

Mechanically treated water is finally processed according to the "Envotech" technology, through distilling according to the principle of mechanical steam compression and coalescent separation.
The equipment cleans all sorts of contaminated waters and deposited mud where water is the main constituent. The processed water through distillation according to the "Envotech" technology is completely clean and ready for use once more.

We turn dangerous waste into healthy nature!

With view to the future and the protection of nature, we have built an integral system of gathering, storage and treatment of dangerous waste (N.N. 32/98)

  • Oily plastic containers
  • Oil filters
  • Other oily waste


Gathering of oily, plastic containers, oil filters as well as the remaining oily waste is carried out at the location of origin, at the waste's producer into specially designed containers for a particular waste type

From the containers, the ADR vehicles cart off the oily waste for recycling and treatment.

Gathering of, providing for and the processing of the used oils and the remaining liquid dangerous waste

In its technology of gathering, storage and treatment of dangerous waste, Zagrebpetrol Ekosystem continuously implemnts technological improvements in the cause of preserving nature and environment protection.
Due to that, in the purpose of modern gathering of waste, used oils, we have developed a special ecological vehicle, the ADR constructed for separate gathering of used, category I and II oils.
The gathered used oils and other oily wastes are carted off with a special vehicle to the plants and are then processed via treatment with rotation forces and the centrifugal separator. Following mechanical treatment, chemical analysis of quality is performed and is used as an energy source.

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