The management of ZAGREBPETROL d.o.o. company established the following quality and environmental management policy:

  • to offer its customers services which will optimally satisfy their needs;
  • to extend the lifetime of their equipment and objects;
  • to active stimulate the separated collection of usable waste;
  • to treat waste in an optimal and ecologically acceptable way;
  • to work out the possibility of the useful reuse of waste;
  • we use the most up-to-date technology of cleansing in waste water treatment, in order to make the treated water quite clean and ready for renewed use.
  • We enable our staff to work in the way guaranteeing personal protection, protection of equipment and objects and the protection of environment from the negative influences within contemporary technical and professional achievements.
  • We provide for the readiness to intervene with traffic accidents and eco-accidents and to rehabilitate soil contaminated by hydrocarbons.
  • We permanently adjust our activities and work processes with legal regulations aspiring for the permanent improvement of our resources and processes in accordance with new professional knowledge and technologies, trying to prevent environmental pollution and efficiency of processes.
  • We have set ambitious, achievable and measurable goals of quality and environmental protection.
  • We stimulate every employee to recognize his/her role and benefit from achieving those objectives.
  • We integrate quality and environment management into an integral business system applying the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, making efforts to improve its efficiency.

The management periodically checks up-to-datedness of the established quality and environmental management policy. This policy is available to all the interested parties marking a permanent orientation of the company ZAGREBPETROL d.o.o. in relation to the quality of the process and activity, and the protection of the environment from negative impacts.

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