Zagrebpetrol’s list of activities and services:

  • Machine-mechanical and chemical cleaning of reservoirs of petroleum products and TNP at petrol stations, warehouses and airplane-services.
  • Repairs and welding of reservoirs with explosive supervision and attest
  • Corrometric-ultrasound scanning of walls thickness with issuing an attest
  • Calibration of a tank by means of combined (water) geometric method with manufacture of
    calibration tank tables
  • Service and replacement of valves and installation of tank manipulation
  • Sales and delivery of petroleum products
  • Transport of petroleum products
  • Ecological care of dangerous waste, used oils, oiled plastic containers and filters
  • Ecological treatment of oiled, Teflon, alkaline and heavy metal polluted waters
  • General Agency of "Envotech" waste water treatment devices (more on Envotech)
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