Zagrebpetrol was established in 1991 from the joint trades of Slavko and Davor Prohaska founded in 1981, which dealt with the servicing of measuring techniques and releasing and cleaning, calibration and overhaul of the petrol station tanks and installation as well as the maintenance of measuring devices (volume-meters) at petrol stations and INA warehouses.

In the early 1960s and 1970s, Slavko Prohaska was one of the founders, and leaders of departments for cleaning, calibration and maintenance of reservoirs, having introduced the volumetric technique into INA.

The enterprise employs 20 high-skilled workers with many years of experience in working with flammable liquids and at explosive danger zones.

All employees have passed the exams for:

  • ADR certificate
  • Vocational fire fighting examination
  • Work Safety
  • First aid
  • C, E class drivers licences
  • Certified welders

The enterprise owns ten special (ADR) motor vehicles to perform the cleaning of the tanks and collection of dangerous waste as well as for the transport of petroleum products:

  • a tank lorry for the transport of petroleum products licensed for international transport (EKO2)
  • a cleaner for cleaning and adjusting of tanks
  • collectors of dangerous waste equipped by scales
  • Westphalia centrifugal separators
  • absorbing separator – filter Sack
  • Envotech device (and their Agency)
  • fat separating filters
  • centrifugal devices, magnets
  • devices for processing plastic oiled packaging and other oiled waste (e.g. cloths) milling and centrifugal machines, washing machine, drying machine and granulating mill
  • mills and press for bracketing of oily waste and cloths

With the implementation of the Environment Protection Law, the company Zagrebpetrol became among the first authorized to collect dangerous waste. The company constructed a small warehouse for dangerous waste and was registered for collection.

Following the example of European technology in the processing of oily waters, we purchased an Envotech machine for the treatment of oily waste waters and boric emulsions. Due to the need for larger business premises and extension of operations, we obtained a credit from the Ministry of Small Entrepreneurs and purchased a new location for our activities having, in order to extend production and employ new staff.

6 new employees, demobilized Croatian veterans, were employed for the revitalization of former textile plant, which is planned to employ 50 more employees for garment manufacturing.

The facility will also include a waste recycling plant for oiled plastic packaging, oil filters, treatment of oiled and polluted waters (Envotech).

The business unit Zagrebpetrol EKO system Grubišno Polje is in the industrial zone at the road Grubišno Polje-Bjelovar; a future by-pass road of Grubišno Polje. The operative plant is situated on 40 000 m2 of fenced land and has its own 400 kW transformer station and 190 kW power connection, 3" gas connection and 3" water connection.

The Environmental Impact Study for Zagrebpetrol d.o.o. Zagreb, i.e. project documents were conducted by Tehno-ing, represented by its director Mato Topolko.

For the project of Zagrebpetrol at the location Grubišno Polje, the following were built or reconstructed:

  • petroleum product warehouse with internal petrol station (EL-1 and blue diesel)
  • oiled water treatment plant (Envotech)
  • laboratory for used motor oil processing
  • used motor oil treatment plant
  • oil filter treatment plant
  • oiled packaging material treatment plant
  • organized collection of old paper, oil filters and plastic packaging material, 15-20 vehicles with dispatcher centre.

Plans exist for the construction of:

  • a Zagrebpetrol petrol station with servicing facilities (bistro, shop, car wash),

The Project would employ a total of approximately 150 workers.

The business premises include 2000 m2 net surface area and tanks of about 1500 m2, dangerous waste warehouse (used motor oils, oil filters, oiled packaging material) and petroleum product store. The plot has been 20% constructed with the possibility of object structure (plants) extension by 200,000 m2. The first part of construction is the reconstruction of the textile manufacturing plant which should begin operations soon. At the same time, the reconstruction of the structure for new recycling activities has begun, and the tanks for storing used motor oil, used motor filters and oiled packaging materials (dangerous waste warehouse) and petroleum products warehouse, have been built.

The recycling plant and the dangerous waste warehouse were constructed according to the regulations of the Ministry of the Physical Planning and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Croatia.

EKO System Grubišno Polje
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